Anomalous Z′ and Diboson Resonances at the LHC

We propose novel collider searches which can significantly improve the LHC reach to new gauge bosons Z′ with mixed anomalies with the electroweak (EW) gauge group. Such a Z′ necessarily acquires a Chern-Simons coupling to the EW gauge bosons and these couplings can drive both exotic Z decays into Z′γ if the new gauge boson is sufficiently light, as well as Z′ decays into EW gauge bosons. For a light Z′, we show the potential of a lepton jet search in association with a photon to probe the rare decay Z→Z′γ. For a heavy leptophobic Z′, the exotic decay into EW gauge bosons is the only guaranteed non-hadronic decay mode, and can serve as an indispensable check of dijet resonance searches.

Date Published

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

  • Ahmed Ismail, Andrey Katz