Flavor-specific scalar mediators

New singlet scalar bosons have broad phenomenological utility and feature prominently in many extensions of the Standard Model. Such scalars are often taken to have Higgs-like couplings to SM fermions in order to evade stringent flavor bounds, e.g. by assuming Minimal Flavor Violation (MFV), which leads to a rather characteristic phenomenology. Here we describe an alternative approach, based on an effective field theory framework for a new scalar that dominantly couples to one specific SM fermion mass eigenstate. A simple flavor hypothesis, similar in spirit to MFV, ensures adequate suppression of new flavor changing neutral currents. We consider radiatively generated flavor changing neutral currents and scalar potential terms in such theories, demonstrating that they are often suppressed by small Yukawa couplings, and also describe the role of CP symmetry. We further demonstrate that such scalars can have masses that are significantly below the electroweak scale while still being technically natural, provided they are sufficiently weakly coupled to ordinary matter. In comparison to MFV, our framework is rather versatile since a single (or a few) desired scalar couplings may be investigated in isolation. We illustrate this by discussing in detail the examples of an up-specific scalar mediator to dark matter and a muon-specific scalar that may address the ∼3σ muon anomalous magnetic moment discrepancy.

Date Published

Thursday, December 28, 2017

  • Brian Batell, Ayres Freitas, Ahmed Ismail, David McKeen